About Us

Hi! Thank you for visiting my shop. My name is Lydia, the one woman show behind Luna Rey. I have alway loved art, stationary, and cute little knickknacks. In 2020, out of my small basement apartment on Long Island, NY, the idea for Luna Rey was born!

The goal for Luna Rey is to bring together the things I love into one place so that you too can enjoy it! I sell a wide array of products including stickers, greeting cards, stationery, and a lot of other goodies. 

I am bringing in my love for art by not only featuring my work, but the work of other amazingly talented women. 

After a lot of research I decided that opening an e-commerce business was the right choice for the direction I want to take this brand and I am happy that the time has come to finally “open the doors” on this project.

Luna Rey is just getting started but I have big dreams and ambitions for its future and I am excited to have you along for the ride!